Any communication, personal information that you share with us will be remained fully protected. We would therefore like to let you to be familiar with our Privacy Policy as described herewith.

Any email address, telephone number, postal address or name of any company or organization that you exchange with us, we put them under confidential subject. We strictly discourage to sell or trade or publish any of the information supplied by any visitors. In case if you receive information from Holiday Himalaya , it is because you have requested it, or a friend / colleague has requested it on your behalf.

The personal information that we collect from our site to identify you
We require your personally identifiable information like name, address, email address and/or telephone numbers etc. in order to be in touch with you. You may visit our website and supply us your personal information to request more detail information regarding trip or to subscribe to our e-newsletter etc. Holiday Himalaya Company never misuses your personal information and use exclusively for the particular intention you have expected from us like to answer your question or query etc. To facilitate you to contact us straight via our mailing address, we do always use our e-mail links sited on our website.

Correct and update-to-date information
Provided you opt to amend or validate the date that we might have already received from you, you can contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Travel Security with us
Your any personally identifiable information will never be made public and is stored on servers for security. Even such information is accessible by Holiday Himalaya Company's staffs only when they are "must to be familiar with" for them. Secondly, when you pay for any trip or buy any product via credit cards, the details of credit cards will not be stored on our database.

Collection of Unspecified information
We assemble anonymous click stream information from every visitor who discovers our website. We collect various information such as pages viewed, date and time, and browser type and IP numbers are used to determine domain type and geographic region etc. This is to constantly improve our site as well as it supports to ensure its significance to our visitors who view our site.

How does the Holiday Himalaya website use cookies?
Taking into account, benefit of our visitors, Holiday Himalaya Company uses a technology namely 'cookies'. The main objective of cookie is to recognize users and personalize their visit by customizing web pages for them. This technology therefore helps you to identify your computer so that you are not required to enter the same information each time you log on to our site. A web server gives a message (stored by the browser in a text file called cookie.txt.) to a web browser. This message is sent back when the browser requests a page from the server each time. If you visit any site that is using cookies obviously request you to supply your personal information like name, email and address etc.
Links to other web sites
In this site (containing links to other websites), you should be aware of that as you click on any one of these links given in this section, you will directly enter into another site. Thus, we do always remind you to read the policy statements of these given links first for their privacy policy may usually varies from that of ours.
Renewal of the policy:
Whenever necessary, the stated policy is subject to revise or to timely update. For that reason, if you have any query, concern as regards to our Privacy Policy, do take it easy to write and / or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Holiday Himalaya
Release and Assumption of Risk By undertaking this trip, you acknowledge that there are risks involved with any adventure, sport or activities in the outdoors. You acknowledge these inherent risks, which include, among others, the risks of injury or illness in remote places without medical facilities; the ever-present danger posed by the forces of nature; remote areas‟ domestic flights, bad weather, during the trek/climbing, other means of transportation. Knowing these risks, you fully assume all risks of illness, injury or death, and Holiday Himalaya and  their agents, associates & suppliers from all actions, claims or demands for damages or expenses resulting from your participation in the trip. You acknowledge that the obligation stated herein is binding upon yourself, your heirs, executors & administrators, member of your family & any minors you choose to bring with you. You also agree that any medical expenses incurred, including helicopter aircraft, will be your sole responsibility and that you will pay all such expenses. If you obtain trip information from us for a group consisting of yourself and one or more additional persons, you agree to act as our agent in seeing that each member of such group obtains a copy of all documentation that you obtain from us in connection with such trip.


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